Drupal7 – Reset Username and Password using phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin can be used to reset the username / password of a user. Especially if the mail server is not working and you have access to your phpMyAdmin. Changing the username: – Log in to phpMyAdmin – Click on the database name in the left panel – Now go to ‘users’ table – Select ‘Edit’ […]

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Ubuntu: When disk space is full

I was working on a web-server which we recently purchased. There wasn’t much data on it yet, but when I tried to upload some of files onto the server I started receiving an error saying that there wasn’t enough space left. And when I checked remotely, using df -h I noticed that 100% of the […]

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Installing Hadoop-2.5.1 on 64-bit Ubuntu-14.01

This is how I installed Hadoop-2.5.1 on my Virtual Box VM with Ubuntu-14.01 installed on it. Download the latest hadoop version from: http://hadoop.apache.org/releases.html#Download
. From here download hadoop-2.5.1.tar.gz from the ‘/stable’ folder. Now that the required version of Hadoop is downloaded, let’s install the required software. Install Java: Hadoop framework is mostly written in Java => […]

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Installing ‘R’ and ‘R-Studio’

So here i am writing a bit about learning ‘R’. I’ve been so much in love with the software and thought it would be a great idea to share everything I know about it. Although it may not be much, I think this article can help anyone trying to start out with ‘R’. Here it […]

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